Android Root Detection

Improve app security and meet compliance requirements by detecting when your app is running on an insecure rooted Android device.

This module allows you to detect that your user is running on a rooted Android device. It uses a variety of methods, including the presence of certain binaries, apps, and supported URL protocols.

Note that no root detection can be 100% foolproof. Having a rooted device by its nature provides a level of access that can be used trick any attempt to detect it. This module is intended to provide a reasonable level of detection that you can use to warn your users or to disable certain functionality.

When the app launches, if the app detects a rooted device, it will load the initial URL with an additional query parameter, which may be either rootDetected=true or isRooted=true. Please check for both query parameter values. For example, instead of loading, the app will load

For Android, we are using rootbeer library at